Covering the Homeless Continuum of Care of Berkshire, Franklin, and Hampshire Counties

This website was archived in 2020.  The site has been left up to provide historical data.  

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Winter 2019

We've launched a Winter Shelter Dashboard! The aim is to provide vital information to stakeholders and staff regarding shelter operations, utilization and priority populations.  The attached downloadable report has additional indicators (beyond what is displayed in the dashboard). Updated monthly through May.  

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Autumn 2019


Two racial disparities reports have recently been completed: one examining racial disparities between all homeless persons in our region and persons in the general population; and one focused on young adults.


Racial disparities.png

Overall findings indicated that homelessness disproportionately impacts persons of color when comparing the population of persons who are homeless with the general population of our region.

Yet when comparing our homeless population with those living in deep poverty, the disparity persists only for persons who are Latinx/Hispanic.

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